we are futurehand

about us

Founded in 2005, Futurehand is a company focused on the Research & Development of innovative technological solutions, oriented to public sector solutions for Data Management & Visualisation, Community Support Services and Smart Cities.

Our diversified team is one of the pillars of the company's success being prepared to face the greatest market challenges, namely technological ones.

Futurehand cooperates with a broad professional and technological network at a national and international level, which values the company's contribution to its creative and innovative projects.

It is with an innate desire to change the world that Futurehand creates, designs and implements solutions that aim to improve all people's quality of life.

our values


We work hard to make sure all our stakeholders have a true and honest view of everything we do and our results.


We aim to be clear, direct and easy to understand with our clients and colleagues.


We work alongside our clients to help them achieve their aims and we personally commit to their long-term success and wellbeing.


We are confident in our abilities and ambitious for our clients.

We believe that there's a better way to do business. One with room for everyone where we can be open, honest and supportive of each other while working together towards a common goal.

We are not a family, we are a team. We work in an autonomous environment where each person is an expert in their role and and brings complimentary skills to the team. We are confident in ourselves and each other to always deliver the best for our colleagues and our clients.

We are honest and believe that the only way to truly be successful is to build trust across all of our dealings - internally and externally. Trusting relationships are strong relationships and that's what will ensure we deliver results.

executive team
David Brown
Founder Director
Christina Brown
Co-Founder Director
Ben Morris
Chief Technology Officer
how we work

We have an innate desire to change the world. That's why we create, design and develop solutions that improve people's lives, bridging the existing gaps in the market.

We rely on a truly dedicated and collaborative team, well-known for it's creative, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Our team is composed of highly qualified and cross-sectional professionals such as Senior Executives, Researchers, Consultants, Project Managers, Designers, Marketing & Communications Managers, Programmers and Quality Assurance Technicians.

Our strategy has a deep focus on improving our internal processes in order to increase cost efficiency and provide quality products and services to meet and surpass clients' expectations.

It is with an innate desire to change the world that Futurehand creates, designs and implements solutions that aim to improve all peoples' quality of life.

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